noun make·ment \ˈmeyk-mənt\

1: to make a statement, the act or process of expressing; i.e. the act of making and movement combined = Makement.  

2: a) a manner of making, with active involvement, as in movement through the process of creating. 
    b) a creative philosophy, incorporating the exploration of emotions, meaning and memories into one's personal work.


(From left to right) me, Ian Lynam and Dave Peacock (sitting) VCFA faculty members, 
critiquing in front of the 6' hexagon I created for during 2nd semester graduate work.

I discovered my personal process of making during my graduate studies at the Vermont College of Fine Arts from 2010—13. My process was hidden to me, and during these studies and research (and with the guidance of my adviors) I was able to call my process, Makement. Moving through my making process I one day accidentally typed the word "Makement," -- the accidental combination of the words Making and Movement. 

Personal meaning in my work is important to me to start a project and stay motivated from beginning to end. I love research, process, and the documentation of my process. I love materials (beeswax and resin) and their meanings and origins, numbers, geometry (and the structure of geometry). I love 'calming the mental chaos' with organization. As an instructor once told me, "Discipline grants your freedom." Being organized grants me enormous freedom creatively to experiment, to make mistakes and to move through the creative process and stay committed no matter what. 

— Mary Hanrahan 



Current Project - 365 Teabags

Mary Hanrahan

356 Cups of Tea. I started this project in November of 2014 with two design colleagues, Cheryl Velk and Troy Patterson. It was meant to be a collaborate project to engage and inspire the three of us with our daily pratice of making and writing. Our collective medium used were teabags. We each drank tea, saved the bags and we would draw, letterpress, type and write on each bag. It was a daily dialogue between the three of us. The project is coming close to a year and we are getting ready to work on the book together, entitled 365 Cups of Tea: The collobrative process of making. 

Publication - 132 Hexagons

132 Hexagons. This 98 page book documents the processs of my third semester graduate piece studying meaning, family origins, letting go, one-a-day photos, beeswax, geometry, poetry, boatmaking and repurposing a concept into something else.